“The weak cyclical recoveries from America’s first two recessions in the 21st Century are exposing a long camouflaged and ignored truth. That is, bad public policy as practiced by elected and appointed officials at the state and federal level since the ebaconline.com.br 1960’s has engendered serious structural problems for the U.S. economy and our collective national security.  These policy errors have reduced annual economic growth rates with cascading effects on employment, income distribution, and national savings.  As a result, record number of Americans have become dependent on government spending for their basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. The structural damage done by too much immigration, too much debt, too many imports, too many laws, rules & regulations, and not enough quality education over the past 35-40 years has finally been revealed in the below potential performance of the U.S. economy.”  By Frank Roche



As your Congressman he will work to stop amnesty and a doubling of legal immigration. Instead, Frank will enforce our current immigration laws, work to secure our borders as part of a broad strategic effort to end illegal immigration, and sharply reduce legal immigration focused on the economic needs of the 2nd district and America.


Federal Debt & Deficits

Frank believes  that our $18 trillion debt burden represents a serious national security threat.  As your Congressman, Frank will fight for a balanced budget and an end to debt ceiling increases.  With the appropriate tax reform and meaningful spending cuts Frank’s budget proposal will result in the budget surpluses needed to begin paying down our federal debt.


Trade Policy

When it comes to jobs and unemployment in the 2nd district and across America, trade policy matters.  As your Congressman, Frank will stop the job loss in America due to failing U.S. international trade policy.  Frank will bring an end to America’s unilateral free trade policy and the Fast Track Trade Promotion authority of the President.  Frank will work for free and fair trade policy based on the concepts of reciprocity with a clear preference for the strategic needs of America and the best interests of Americans.


Obamacare, Dodd-Frank & Over-Regulation

As your Congressman Frank will work diligently to repeal both the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, and the Wall St. Reform and Consumer Protection Act, a.k.a. Dodd-Frank. He will work diligently to end the trend of increasing regulation and relieve American businesses and individuals from the freedom sapping burden of over regulation.



As your Congressman, Frank will work to bring an end to federal government involvement in public education and return full control to the states, counties, and parents.  Frank will also work to remove the fiscal and moral hazard of a government controlled student loan program by returning the loan program to the private sector with necessary reforms.