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Frank is a Conservative Republican dedicated to ensuring American strength and prosperity for all citizens of the 2nd District and across the United States of America more detailed information, and for those generations still to come.  He has been studying the U.S. economy, and public policy coming out Washington, D.C. since 1983.


Frank is the sixth of seven children, the second son to Thomas and Barbara Roche. Frank was born Francis Xavier Roche in Fall River, Massachusetts, on January 20, 1963. His father Thomas was a lifelong public school educator beginning his career as the assistant principal of Norwood High School in Norwood, Massachusetts, and ending his career while serving as the superintendent of the Coventry Public Schools in Coventry, Rhode Island. Frank’s mother Barbara, a homemaker, was known for her sense of humor, her love of music, delicious food, and her tireless care for her family. Frank is brother to Thomas, Marianne, Barbara, Catherine, Janet and Claire.

Frank was diagnosed with Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease as a very young boy. He spent three years of his life unable to walk, being relegated to viewing and listening to the world around him from floor level. Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease is a rare disease of the hip that afflicts approximately 1 in 1200 children. Frank was diagnosed when he was three years old and was confined to leg braces for three years. Frank began walking again at the age of six with the assistance of crutches, and he began his career as a student walking to a one room school house in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where he attended first grade.

Frank was educated in public schools in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and Coventry, Rhode Island. By the time he was in high school, there was no trace of Legg-Calvé-Perthes, and Frank developed into a reflective student and formidable hockey player.

In 1979 Frank lost his father to a fatal heart attack and became the “man of the house” when he was still in high school. With the support of family and friends, Frank spent his final high school years working to be a good student and athlete, while supporting his mother as she found herself back in the workforce after 26 years and raising her last three children without the strong presence and care of her husband.

Following high school, after some delay, Frank began his college career at the University of Rhode Island as a full time student while working to support himself and his education. After earning his undergraduate degree in Economics, Frank soon after began planning and managing a return to school, completing his graduate studies at the University of Rhode Island in 1992, earning a Master of Arts in Economics.

While Frank was enrolled in school, he once again found himself experiencing loss and tragedy. His mother lost a long battle with cancer in 1986, and his only brother was murdered in 1991. Again, Frank found himself faced with overwhelming challenges, and he used his own strength and the support of those around him to move forward.

Frank’s personal, educational, and al experiences didn’t simply prepare him to be a successful business man, though he certainly is that. They didn’t simply produce in him a drive to succeed. This compilation of events and experiences introduced him to the realities of the many structures of his society, the complexities of democracy and capitalism, and ignited in him the passion and persistence that characterizes the best in our national leaders.

In 1992, Frank moved to New York City and accepted a job in the capital markets as part of a management training program. This was the start of a successful and rewarding 21 year career in the international banking industry focused on foreign exchange sales, trading, and advisory.  By 1996 Frank perfected his trading skills, advanced his ytical abilities, honed his conservative principles, and began to challenge the liberal politics and immigration problems gripping America.

Frank was in Manhattan to witness the positive transformation of the city as a result of the “tough love” common sense policies of Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani. He was two blocks away from the World Trade Center (WTC) in 1993 during the first foreign terrorist bombing attempt, and was in midtown Manhattan during the second foreign terrorist attack on the WTC on 9/11.

In late 2007, faced with a technological paradigm shift taking place in the foreign exchange market, and a strong desire to become part of the national debate about the direction America should follow, Frank left his job as Vice President of Foreign Exchange Trading, and sold his Manhattan residence.  After an exhaustive search of the many dozens of wonderful places to live in America, Frank decided on the Triangle region of North Carolina for his new home based on the wonderful climate, a focus on family, the southern hospitality, a strong culture of high level education, and the economic opportunities available.  He is Rhode Islander by birth, though now southern by choice.

Upon arriving in North Carolina Frank was offered a unique opportunity to work with the Fox Business News channel and spent his first year appearing on air nationally to discuss current economic, financial, and political events.  By the end of 2008, having become comfortable in his new community he began to the lay the ground work for his first effort to gain political office.  In June 2009, Frank announced his candidacy in the Republican primary for U.S. Congress in District 4.  He was lauded for his outstanding campaign effort, and as a result solidified his position as a important voice in North Carolina’s Republican party.  

From Frank’s strong political effort and the relationships established during his congressional campaign he was offered an opportunity to teach Economics at Elon University in Alamance County, and he got the attention of the North Carolina media and was recruited to host his own talk show on North Carolina’s number one talk radio station, RUSH Radio, WRDU FM, Raleigh.  The Frank Roche Show was launched in July 2011 focused on finance and economics while incorporating important current events, politics, and national security.  The Frank Roche Show quickly become appointment radio on Sunday’s Noon – 3PM.

In 2013 Frank was appointed to the UNC-TV Board of Trustees where he serves on the Finance Committee.

Who is Frank Roche? Frank Roche is a man who pays attention. He’s paying attention to Washington, DC. He’s paying attention to the preservation of America; the America defined by the U.S. Constitution, and he’s paying attention to the people of North Carolina’s 2nd District.